Jaeson L. Birnbaum Attorney at law LIC 4158127
​”Jae Birnbaum”
“Jae B”

​(201) 919-7495
61 Lexington Ave NY,NY 10010
9 Cameron Rd Saddle River, NJ 07458
228 Park Abe South
27030 New York, NY 10010

Review Summary
 JAESON BIRNBAUM doesn’t perform his own work, AT BEST He does not understand USPTO fees AT WORST he intentionally deceives you about the fees to profit from your lack of knowledge, He has very poor communication and response time and the work product you will receive is that of an unknown lawyer in pakistan not from Jaeson. 


I contracted Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum AKA “Jae Birnbaum” to perform a provisional patent. He missed the first deadline, then submitted the drawings to me with the improper function, I offered to mail him a device so he would not need to rely solely on the 3d files. He declined the offer.
2 weeks later he sent back nearly the same document with minimal changes. I spend hours going through it and writing meticulous notes, then sent it back to Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum.
1 week later it was sent back to me, still presenting the incorrect functionality, clearly the person drafting the provisional patent writeup and diagrams was not the person that i was having video conferences with. So i asked Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum, are you preparing this? He said “no” I have a guy for that.
Simultaneously I was working on submitting multiple design patents to the USPTO with Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum. I had a different attorney draft all of the diagram for ease of filing. I asked Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum, how much will you charge simply to ensure these get filed properly for me? He said 300USD, and the filing fee is 510USD, the uspto will nolonger accept you as a micro entity unless you are a charity or research organization.
So I sent the money for multiple filing fees to him on PayPal and his earnings of 300 per filing (to ensure they get filed properly) was held in an escrow account. After 4 weeks of not hearing anything I followed up.
He then passed back a worksheet for me to fill out for my name and address, company and owner of the patent.
2 weeks passed , I asked him for the filing receipt and he reluctantly sent it after a few requests. He filed both as Micro, spending only 255USD per filing. I asked him for the difference refunded to me. Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum responded in writing on whatsapp and said sure, please release the escrow payment to me first. I reluctantly did so. Then Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum said, ok good now fund the next escrow payment of 300USD. I asked him if he is now refusing to refund my money or what ? The 300 dollar payments were to ensure that the filings were to be submitted properly and now he is demanding payment before issuing my refund.
Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum appears to care about his earnings above all else, this is why he asked for money immediately then waited 4 weeks to present me with a worksheet to perform the work he was paid to perform.
For patent searches and submission only work, he performs the work, for all other legal work he contracts it out to foreign attorneys for help (he admitted this to me in writing).
Attorney Jaeson L Birnbaum also appears to be involved to some degree with Cash4Cases a loan company that was recently sued for 5 million dollars and went bankrupt in 2020.
Jaeson L Birnbaum’s address on his bar license and on all of his legal filings located on Lexington ave is that of an apartment that he had to turn over also in 2020 because it was obtained through fraud. Jaeson L Birnbaum’s email used on his bar license and on all of his legal filings @birnlaw.com is not functioning and birnlaw.com is a for sale domain name.

Below you will find several documents with descriptions telling you what they are about, you can read just the first page of each to really get a good idea of who Jaeson is and what he believes about his clients. 

If you read the first page of the attached document 1-main.pdf, it appears Jaeson has a pattern and practice of deceptive financial activities , shortly after the filing of this attached action his father filed for chapter 7 on cash4cases, Jaeson is a named party in the action and listed on the companies https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/new-york/profile/legal-services/cash-4-cases-0121-97101 page as the Principle of the company

Docket History Item 46 chapter 7 bankruptcy of Jaeson Birnbaum

Cash For Cases Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition Signed by Jaeson Birnbaum

“Upon information and belief, Defendant” (Jaeson Birnbaum) “used the Fraudulent Transfers to purchase the Apartment. “


Jaeson Birnbaum still to this day uses a false email address on legal filings and maintains the address of 61 Lexington on his law license with the Bar of NY dispite having turrned it over in the middle of 2020 (see 12.pdf) , also see https://opengovny.com/attorney/4158127​

Jaeson Birnbaum updated his address to
228 Park Abe South
New York
NY 10010
In november of 2021

Jaeson Birnbaum is BY FAR the worst attorney I have ever had the misfortune of working with. He starts with a video call and appears to be very knowledgable and helpful. SADLY he is not the person you are actually hiring, regardless of what he tells you. Once the work actually starts he goes days and weeks without responding. The work submitted to me for approval was from a 3rd party Pakistani attorney that Jaeson hired to perform the work for him (Jaeson admitted this).  He doesn’t review the work, he simply sends your requests to Pakistan, then sends the Pakistan work to you and if you request changes , he sends your comments back to Pakistan.. Jaeson has cleverly designated himself to be the middleman and profits from his geographical location and his ability to earn your trust by holding a New jersey Bar license. Jaeson asked me to wire or PayPal him the filing fees for the USPTO which were double what the fees actually turned out to be. He tried to get out of sending me the filing record for days after I requested it, eventually when I received the filing record I saw that the amount spent in fees was far lower than the amount I sent to him. When he lies or doesn’t understand the fees of the USPTO he is increasing his profit through deception.  He claims that only Non profit organization or research companies can file as a micro entity and that you must send him enough money to file as a small entity instead, then he files as micro anyway. Jaeson now refuses to refund me the difference in fees until i release all milestones to him. He is the WORST lawyer New York and New Jersey have to offer (in my opinion) , PICK SOMEONE ELSE !!! ​

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